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The ALCAT Test will identify exactly which foods and chemicals are triggering each individual's problems. Alcat laboratory currently tests for over 300 foods, food additives, food colorings, environmental chemicals and even molds.

Cell Science Systems Ltd. Corp, provider of the ALCAT Test offers high quality laboratory testing to healthcare professionals and patients using state of the art proprietary technology. We will continue to broaden the understanding of food & chemical sensitivities through various international research projects and clinical trials.

A tremendous amount of health problems have been linked to food intolerance - common everyday problems like migraines, aching joints, fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders, eczema, hyperactivity/ADD, asthma and even obesity.

1. Order your test online, we provide doctors order.

2. Your kit is sent to your home. It includes the following:

--3 vials
--Prepaid Federal Express shipping pack with pickup service
--Requisition Form
--Shipping collection and instructions 

3. Blood draw fee not included.

4.Send your kit to the ALCAT lab in the prepaid Federal Express package.

When the results are finished you will receive a detailed, easy to understand lab report explaining your test results in depth, a rotation meal plan and nutritional information emailed  or mailed directly to you.t your home.

10 Antibiotics  10 Anti-Inflammatories Panel
10 Antibiotics / 10 Anti-Inflammatories Panel

Price $198.00
Sku ALC025

10 Environmental Chemicals Panel
10 Environmental Chemicals Panel

Price $140.00
Sku ALC711

10 Food Additives 10 Food Colorings Sensitivity Panel
10 Food Additives 10 Food Colorings Sensitivity Panel

Price $190.00
Sku alcatFA

20 Molds Panel
20 Molds Panel

Price $198.00
Sku ALC541

20 Pharmacoactive Agents Panel
20 Pharmacoactive Agents Panel

Price $198.00
Sku ALC688


Price $297.50
Sku ALC006


Price $403.75
Sku ALC007


Price $505.75
Sku ALC008


Price $212.50
Sku ALC005

Alcat Comprehensive Wellness 1 250 items
Alcat Comprehensive Wellness 1 (250 items)

Price $722.50
Sku ALC0851

Alcat Comprehensive Wellness 5 150 Items
Alcat Comprehensive Wellness 5 (150 Items)

Price $446.25
Sku ALC0362

Alcat Platinum Comprehensive 320 items
Alcat Platinum Comprehensive (320 items)

Price $934.25
Sku ALC0457

Comprehensive Wellness 2 220 items
Comprehensive Wellness 2 (220 items)

Price $545.00
Sku ALC0357

Comprehensive Wellness 3 200 Items
Comprehensive Wellness 3 (200 Items)

Price $495.00
Sku ALC0358

Comprehensive Wellness 4 170 Items
Comprehensive Wellness 4 (170 Items)

Price $445.00
Sku ALC0359

Comprehensive Wellness 6 120 Items
Comprehensive Wellness 6 (120 Items)

Price $355.00
Sku ALC0361

Food Allergy Chemical Sensitivity Mold Intolerance Test
Food Allergy Chemical Sensitivity Mold Intolerance Test

Price $475.00
Sku alcat 5

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