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How to Break through a Plateau on the HCG Diet
Oct 10, 2012 in HCG Diet, Supplements, Weight Loss    
How to Break through a Plateau on the HCG Diet
Hitting a plateau can be incredibly frustrating, and even the HCG diet can result in a plateau every now and then. Luckily, there are several ways that you can overcome that plateau and start enjoying your amazing weight loss again.
What is [...]

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5 Amazing Health Benefits to Green Coffee Bean Extract
Aug 23, 2012 in Weight Loss    
While many experts have questioned the health benefits of drinking coffee, pure coffee bean extract has been proven in numerous clinical studies to provide significant performance and health benefits. The most potent and powerful type of coffee bean is extracted from the Arabica plant, and these bea [...]

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The HCG Diet Quick Start Guide: How to Start the HCG Drops Diet
Aug 11, 2012 in HCG Diet, Weight Loss    
Are you ready to start the HCG diet, but you don’t know where to begin? Use this quick start guide to make sure you have everything that you need to succeed on the HCG diet! Who knew losing weight could be this easy?
Step #1: Pick a Start Date
Once you’ve decide [...]

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The Truth about HCG for Weight Loss
Jun 25, 2012 in HCG Diet    
Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone that the female body naturally produces during pregnancy. This hormone has been used to aid in fertility treatments, and it is now also used as an effective weight loss aid. This particular hormone serves many different functions in the body including [...]

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HCG Diet Success Stories: “How Using HCG Drops Changed My Life”
Jun 12, 2012 in HCG Diet, Weight Loss    
HCG Diet Success Stories: “How Using HCG Drops Changed My Life”
The HCG Diet is a weight loss program that has helped people all over the world successfully lose weight (sometimes 100 lbs. or more!) and keep it off with HCG drops and the diet protocol. The HCG diet is a program that involv [...]

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How to Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days with the NatureLean Diet
May 23, 2012 in HCG Diet, Supplements, Weight Loss    
The Neurvana Transformation Diet, known as the NatureLean Diet, is based on a nutritional program used in the Amazon Rainforest by certain tribes. With this diet, you can enjoy purification, healing, and self-transformation, and many people have been able to lose 10 lbs. in 10 days with the NatureLe [...]

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Managing Your Crohn’s Disease Using Home Remedies
Mar 17, 2012 in Insomnia, Crohn's Disease    
Suffering from an inflammatory bowel condition is an unpleasant experience and an unfortunate diagnose for approximately 1.4 million Americans, states the Crohn’s and Colitis Association of America (CCAA). The CCAA estimates that about half of those cases are related to Crohn’s disease, [...]

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Simple Tips for a Good Nights Sleep
Jan 2, 2012 in Insomnia    
Inability to get a good night’s rest can be a major problem in the United States. In fact, insomnia affects up to 40% of Americans in a year, and 10-15% suffer from long-term insomnia.
Getting a good 7-8 hours of rest each night is very important to stay healthy mentally and physically. If y [...]

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Nine Reasons You May Not Be Able to Lose Weight (And They Aren’t Poor Diet or Not Exercising)
Dec 3, 2011 in HCG Diet, Weight Loss    
Not Getting Enough Sleep
Not getting enough rest each night can keep the pounds on your waist. This is because not getting enough sleep can affect your hormone levels that regulate how hungry you feel. One University of Chicago study found that those who get just 4 hours of sleep per night, tw [...]

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The HCG Diet and HCG Drops
Jun 5, 2011 in HCG Diet, Weight Loss    
A quick search on the internet shall let you see how many different diet plans there are out there that claim they can help you to lose those unwanted pounds, there is one method that we have used in our practice and seen dramatic results first hand. We have been using the HCG diet in our health pra [...]

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