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November is Alzheimer's Awareness Month

Date Posted November 17th, 2013
As the first wave of baby boomers reaches age 65, we are seeing a corresponding tsunami of new cases of the most dreaded of all diseases of aging: Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Indeed, nearly 10 million baby boomers will get Alzheimer’s. If you live to be 85 or older, you have a 50% chance more »

10 Easy Steps To Detoxify Your Body And Improve Your Health

Date Posted November 7th, 2013
10 Easy Steps to Detoxify Your Body and Improve Your Health The environment we live in is full of toxins. We inhale them in the air we breathe, ingest them with our food and water, and absorb them through the pores in our skin. Even the personal care products and cleaning supplies that more »

How to Tell If You are Toxic Rich and Health Poor

Date Posted November 1st, 2013
How to Tell If You are Toxic Rich and Health Poor It is very possible even in rich countries to be exposed to too many environmental toxins. Even with a lot of exercise and a good diet, your health still can be affected by the toxins in the environment around you. For example, these are some of more »

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