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Inflammatory Depression Back In the News

Date Posted April 17th, 2014
We have been presenting the major themes of our unifying theory of modern Diseases of Civilization (DOCs) for several years now: Chronic degenerative conditions (DOCs) - including most mental disorders - are on the rise and have overtaken infections as the major source of death and illness. more »

More Bad News About Prescription Sleeping Pills and Tranquilizers

Date Posted April 12th, 2014
More Bad News About Prescription Sleeping Pills and Tranquilizers Last fall I wrote a blog ( about the perils of insomnia and the widespread use of hypnotic and sedative agents – sleeping pills and more »

7 Natural and Effective Ways to Detoxify

Date Posted April 11th, 2014
The concept of detox has gained huge popularity in the recent years fueling the birth of numerous detox programs. People from all over the world have joined the detox craze in hopes of losing weight and achieving better health, but is it really important to detox our body? Our body is highly more »

Garcinia Cambogia's Weight Loss Wonders

Date Posted April 4th, 2014
Highly recognized for its weight loss benefits, Garcinia cambogia is now attracting more attention in the health industry. Garcinia cambogia is actually a small fruit also known to some as tamarind. For over a hundred years, this fruit has been used in traditional dishes, and for curing and more »

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