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The Many Health Benefits of Phenylethylamine (PEA) - Your Brain's Natural Stimulant

Date Posted August 13th, 2017
I use PEA-based supplements, both to augment the effects of prescription medication and as a stand-alone agent, to treat many different symptoms associated with various conditions: Fatigue Brain fog (fuzzy thinking) Poor concentration/attention/focus Lack of motivation No sense of joy You more »

Cogniben - The First Multi-target Modulator for Cognitive Support

Date Posted July 24th, 2017
In partnership with TriNutraTM , LLC and Integrative Psychiatry, Inc., we at Health Remedies are pleased to announce the launch of CognibenTM,  a novel multi-target nutraceutical designed to give you: Enhanced focus, concentration, and energy Heightened mental alertness and clarity of more »

Lutein and Zeaxanthin Shown to Protect Against Age-Related Cognitive Decline

Date Posted December 11th, 2016
As we live longer and longer, many of us are becoming more and more concerned that our life-spans (how long we live) will outlast our health-spans (how long we stay healthy).    This very appropriate concern about health and quality of life has led to an explosion of research aimed at more »

Do You Need to be (Re)Tested for Gluten Sensitivity?

Date Posted February 24th, 2014
How do you know if you need to be tested for gluten sensitivity? If you're breathing. We are all at risk for the emerging syndrome called Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS). Even if you have been tested in the past for celiac disease, because of the limited utility of tests routinely used more »

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