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Functional Medicine, also called Integrative Medicine and Curative Medicine

Date Posted July 17th, 2013
Health Remedies embraces the relatively new healthcare model - Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine, also called Integrative Medicine and Curative Medicine, represents an evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the health care needs of the 21st century. By shifting the focus ...read more »

Raspberry Ketone Drops: Your Recipe for Fast Healthy Weight Loss (Without the Fasting)

Date Posted February 21st, 2013
Dr. Oz ignited a firestorm of discussion and activity recently with his very public endorsement of raspberry ketone for weight loss, characterizing it as a “fat-burner in a bottle.”  Raspberry ketone (RK), also known as rheosmin, is one of the major aromatic compounds that give raspberries thei...read more »

Homeopathic remedies

Date Posted September 22nd, 2010
Physical health in today’s challenging world is of utmost importance. It is rightly said” Health is wealth”. While men, women today are increasingly getting serious about maintaining optimum level of physical, mental fitness, it can be because of today’s challenges which are resulting into d...read more »

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