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GABA Improves Decision-Making Under Stressful Conditions

Date Posted January 16th, 2017
Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a brain chemical, neurotransmitter, that tends to calm down or inhibit your frazzled, over-excited nerves, literally.  This calming down of your “wired” wires in turn leads to GABA’s well known benefits with respect to relaxation, relief from more »

Probiotic (Lactobacillus Plantarum) Found to Delay and Reverse Age-Related Skin Damage

Date Posted October 13th, 2016
Many of our most common diseases – obesity, depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, autism spectrum disorders, diabetes, heart disease, to name just a few, are associated with changes in the number and type of microbes (bacteria, viruses, yeast, etc.) that live in the gut (decreased gut more »

When Food Alone Isn't Enough: Why We Need an Extra Nutritional Boost

Date Posted July 30th, 2015
Despite increasing awareness of ways to stay healthy and eat a balanced diet, nutrient deficiency is still prevalent. A large percentage of Americans are deficient in one or more vitamins in spite of the fact that many people are now more conscious of what they eat and choose healthier options more »

Raspberry Ketones and Strong Healthy Bones

Date Posted July 12th, 2014
Aging, menopause, surgical procedures such as hysterectomy, and other conditions are frequently associated with dangerous decreases in bone mass. This decrease in bone density is accompanied by a corresponding increase in bone marrow fat cells (adipocytes). This association recently prompted more »

Strategies to Prevent Rebound Weight Gain

Date Posted July 6th, 2014
Ok. So you’ve done the hard work of losing that excess weight. Now what do you do to avoid the all too common problem of rebound weight gain? New research out of the Clinical Epidemiology Unit and the Obesity Centre at Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden sheds some light on this more »

June Product Spotlight: Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Date Posted June 3rd, 2014
OmegAvail™ Ultra DHA OmegAvail™ Ultra DHA contains highly concentrated DHA from fish oil in its natural TG form. Each softgel provides 500 mg DHA and 110 mg EPA for optimal DHA status. DHA is a structural molecule in all cell membranes. Studies show that it offers its own unique more »

Probiotics, Depression, Anxiety, & Obesity

Date Posted March 11th, 2014
Probiotics, Depression, Anxiety, and Obesity The storyline behind the modern epidemic of inflammation driven disease goes as follows: • Chronic degenerative conditions (Diseases of Civilization – DOCs) are on the rise and have overtaken infections as the major source of death and more »

Be True To Your Heart: Lower Your Inflammation and Lower Your Weight

Date Posted February 14th, 2014
Be True to Your Heart: Lower Your Inflammation and Lower Your Weight Happy Valentine’s Day. Earlier this week, Dr. Oz, in his TV episode that aired Monday February 10, 2014, offered some good ideas about rapid weight loss ( more »

How Fish Oil Can Lower Your Risk Of Hip Fracture

Date Posted August 15th, 2013
Fish Oils Associated With Reduction In Hip Fracture Risk The March, 2013 issue of the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research published the results of a study conducted by researchers at Ohio State University which found a protective effect in postmenopausal women for elevated blood levels of more »

Health Remedies In The News: Green Coffee Bean Extract – Lose Weight Without Dieting

Date Posted March 24th, 2013
More good news about one of our most popular weight loss products:  Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Extreme Liquid ( Sometimes it is difficult to cut through all the marketing hype and determine whether or not a supplement is more »

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