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Genetics Based Weight Management

Date Posted March 8th, 2016
Genetics Based Weight Management

Ongoing clinical research has shown that individuals placed on a diet appropriate to their DNA can lose up to 76% more weight. We at Health Remedies are proud to announce our new partnership with genoVive, a leader in personalized nutrition, to provide you with a comprehensive weight loss program tailored to your unique genetic profile. 

The genoVive Weight Management Program is based on genetic science. It was developed by genoVive’s world-renowned experts in the emerging fields of nutritional genomics, genetics, biochemistry and food science. The first of its kind, genoVive’s Weight Management Program represents a ground-breaking approach to long term weight management and lifetime health. It allows health professionals like us to create personalized meal and activity solutions featuring optimal combinations of nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) to deliver the most effective outcomes.

More specifically, The genoVive DNA test analyzes a scientifically based group of genes to create a personalized report that provides:

  • Recommended calorie counts
  • Optimal macronutrient ratios
  • Type and intensity of exercise (endurance/power) based on your genetic profile
  • Behavioral rationales (cravings, taste, binge eating, satiety, and mood)


Why is DNA Important for Weight Management?

Nutrigenomics, a branch of nutritional genetics, studies the effects of foods and their constituent parts on the activity of your genes. In other words, your genes influence how you absorb, process, utilize, and eliminate food. Because we all have our own unique genetic endowments, two different individuals eating identical meals are likely to process their food in substantially different ways. 

By identifying specific mutations in key genes, nutrigenomics allows us to develop rational ways to optimize your nutrition. This represents a major step forward in the personalization of weight loss and management. This is important because personalized nutrition and fitness programs created with the help of genetic data integrate parameters such as dietary habits, physical activity, and behavioral traits and may provide a healthier, more efficient path to successful weight management.genoVive Genetic Weight Management Program Look Better Naked

At the heart of our new genoVive weight loss program is a simple cheek-swab DNA test kit that is then sent to the certified genoVive laboratory. The lab analyzes your cheek-swab sample for multiple genetic mutations (SNPs):

  • 12 gene SNPs for fat and carbohydrate metabolism
  • 7 gene SNPs for exercise requirements
  • 6 gene SNPs (including MTHFR) for Eating Behavior


Diet, exercise and supplement programs often fail because they are applied in a haphazard, willy-nilly approach that seldom incorporates your unique combination of genes, life experiences, and biochemistry. In short, these programs fall short because they are not customized to you.


Logically, the most efficient and potentially effective use of diet, activity/exercise, and supplementation to achieve weight loss, optimal body composition and overall wellness is through the utilization of individualized genetic information.

Genetic testing identifies unique variations in your genes or proteins. Historically, genetic testing has only been used to diagnose or rule out hereditary diseases. Only very recently has the technology to reveal such detailed information become available for consumer use.

Now, at the very forefront of health and wellness, genetic testing can identify your individual nutritional needs, exercise requirements, and most direct paths to weight loss and general health.

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