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Tune In For The Addiction Recovery Revolution Summit: Sign Up and Listen For Free!

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Hello Friends,

Have you ever wondered if you have a problem with alcohol, drugs, sex, or food?  Do you or a loved one suffer from addiction?  Are you currently in recovery and desperately want and need to stay clean and sober? 

If so, please tune into the upcoming Addiction Recovery Revolution Summit (ARRS) hosted by Debbie Nelson and featuring our own Dr. Dave.

The Addiction Recovery Revolution Summit is a totally FREE online seminar series that guides you down road to enduring recovery.  In this summit you will hear from nationally renown thought leaders in the field of addiction sciences including our own Dr. Dave.  These key opinion leaders will share innovative methods to help stop addiction and keep you in recovery.


  • Be inspired by the top by holistic healers, neuroscientists, psychiatrists, therapists, coaches, interventionists, and advocates in the field.
  • Discover amazing scientific products that will help you with cravings, stress, and sleep.
  • Learn how music, art, and nutritional therapy can aid in your journey of lasting recovery.
  • Explore innovative programs that examine whether you’ll be able to imbibe again.


This online seminar was developed to be an unbiased resource of information and inspiration. We go live March 4th at 4am EST. You’ll be able to see each seminar at your convenience within a 72-hour time frame. Each day for 29 days, you will be inspired and motivated by our experts.

Please use this link and save your seat today:

We look forward to hearing from you.  


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