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Molecular Testing Labs performs test on a person’s DNA to determine if they are pre-disposed to certain diseases or how that person metabolizes certain medications, which can help doctors, prescribe the proper medication for them. Click to Read More

Why is it important to do genetic tests for cardio health?

Many drugs for cardiovascular diseases, such as Warfarin and Clopidogrel, have highly variable responses among patients. The effectiveness of drugs has to be frequently monitored and adjusted in traditional medicine. If you take medication for your cardiovascular system, incorrect drug or improper dosing can be life threatening. A genetic test can help your physician find the best drug and the proper dosage of that drug without months of trial and error with different drugs and dosages..

Why is it important to do genetic testing for pain management?

Variations in CYP450 2D6, 3A4, and 3A5 enzymes can affect how your body responds to different medications. Only about half of patients using pain medication actually receive pain relief. Molecular Pharmacological testing has been proven to reduce the adverse side effects that some patients experience due to improper metabolized pain medications including; nausea, tolerance, vomiting and weakness. Finding the right drug dosage is vital to your overall health and proper management of pain. Genetic testing can help your doctor prescribe the exact dosage of pain medication that you need without months of trial and error with different drugs and dosages.

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