Thorne Research

Thorne is  the only company that not only utilizes independent laboratories for validation, quality control and quality assurance, but also actually operates a full-time, in-house, state of the art laboratory.

Thorne Research Vitamins is also the only company in the practitioner market that operates under pharmaceutical-based, current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), which are approved by the most stringent international inspection agency, the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.  At Thorne, we believe quality control goes beyond testing and manufacturing procedures, it actually applies to choices of hypoallergenic raw materials and absence of excipients in manufacture. For over two decades Thorne has been the only company to utilize pure, hypoallergenic ingredients. Although it has become stylish in the industry to claim “purity”, in fact, Thorne is the only truly “hypoallergenic” company. You cannot lie to an allergy patient.

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