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Seeking Natural Remedies For The Treatment Of Cancer

When people get sick, they go to their doctors for a diagnosis and treatment. But what recourse do people have when the treatment offered by mainstream medicine is worse than the original illness? In short, the only recourse people have is to get educated, before accepting the doctor's recommended treatments.

This point becomes crystal clear, especially when dealing with a disease like cancer. When your doctor tells you that you have cancer and that the best course of treatment against the cancer is "chemotherapy", many believe that it is at this point when the patient should put his or her foot to the floor and speak a resounding "No!"

What Is Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy drugs are used in the fight against cancer, because it has been found that cancer cells regenerate faster than other cells in the body.

All living tissue in the body is composed of cells. Cells grow and reproduce, replacing the cells lost during injury or normal "wear and tear." The "cell cycle" is comprised of a five-phase series of steps that both normal cells and cancer cells go through in order to form new cells. Cancer cells complete the cell cycle at a much faster rate than normal cells; this is the reason why chemotherapy is considered a good treatment for cancer.

Chemotherapy drugs attack the cells in the body that are in the process of reproducing. Unfortunately for the patient, the drug cannot distinguish between a normal cell and a cancer cell. As a result, the chemotherapy drugs kill good cells, while killing the cancer cells they are supposed to target. One doctor described the process as a race to kill the cancer cells, before the drugs kill the patient.

When successful, chemotherapy drugs can kill the cancers in the human body, but they create many side effects - there are 199 known side effects in relationship to the use of chemotherapy.

Given the known side effects of chemotherapy, sometimes the cure is worse than the original illness. If chemotherapy were the only available cure for cancer, then maybe chemotherapy would be an acceptable therapy for cancer. But so long as there remain other options, an informed cancer patient can make much better choices, in regards to his or her health.

Thinking Outside The Box

There are some smart people out there in the world who are professing that there are many alternative health remedies for cancer that are showing great results.

Alternative medicine has offered many solutions to many conditions over the years. Yet, most doctors do not have the requisite knowledge of any treatment that cannot be patented by a drug company. Whether we like it or not, drug companies have been enabled to control the medical findings that doctors are made aware.

Despite the limited discussion of alternative medical therapies in the mainstream medical journals, a growing number of doctors are exploring the possibilities of alternative medicine and disease prevention, found in the alternative health community.

Cancer Fighting Foods

In the country of Sri Lanka, the Sinhalese have a much lower incidence of cancer than the population in the western world. In fact, in Sri Lanka the breast cancer rate is 21 times lower than the cancer rates in the United States, the lung cancer rate is 36 times lower, the prostate cancer rate is 137 time lower, and the colon cancer rate 187 times lower. So the question we have to ask ourselves is what makes the Sri Lanka population healthier than the population of the United States?

Most importantly, the Sinhalese eat more seafood than we do. There are 72 natural trace elements that are considered essential to good health. Since seafood is the only readily available food that contains the complete natural range of the 72 nutritional elements, a daily helping of seafood is considered by the alternative health community, as demonstrated by the Sinhalese example, to be the most powerful and effective weapon against cancer.

This leaves us with a massive trace element deficiency of about 64 trace elements in our regular food - which is the cause of a many diseases, including many kinds of cancer. The single trace element that is most important in our dietary fight against cancer is chromium. On a diet of grains, with no seafood incorporated into the diet, chromium is completely missing.

Although most farmers don't have the first clue about the 72 essential trace elements that we need in our food, organic farmers add more value to our meals, because they grow their crops without herbicides, pesticides, bactericides and fungicides. As a result, by buying organic produce, we are getting more nutritional value from the foods we eat.

Beyond seafood, there are another nine foods that are considered to be optimal in the fight against certain kinds of cancer. These cancer fighting foods include:

  • Tomatoes
  • Blueberries
  • Red cabbage and red beets
  • Spinach
  • Garlic
  • Whole wheat
  • Oranges
  • Strawberries
  • Beans (including fava beans, soy beans and lentils)

Cancer Supplements

There are many natural cancer treatments that can affect whether someone with cancer will live or die. Since no one can take everything that is available in the cancer supplement market, one needs to find and use the best possible supplements that give the greatest chance of survival against specific cancers.

To get a bearing on where to begin in the supplemental fight against cancer, it is important to mention the ten primary strategies used by the alternative medical community in the non-chemical fight against cancer. These ten strategies generally only apply to selecting a starting point for finding the right cancer supplements for the job (suggested supplements are listed in parenthesis after each strategy):

  • Killing cancer cells, without harming the body (ACZ Nano Zeolite,)
  • A strong immune system (Super Royal Agaricus,Immuni T26, Ora Mune Max, Ellagic, Pacific Sea Plasma, Essiac, Fraction D)
  • Enzyme therapy
  • Eliminating candida and other fungal infections (CandiBactin,Biocidin)
  • Reduce toxic overload (Total Body Detox, Hoxsey Red Clover, Glutathione Cream)
  • Increasing oxygen levels in cells (CellFood,OxyCaps)
  • Normalizing pH levels (pHB, )
  • Getting Methylglyoxal into cells (Glyoxal Compositum)
  • Free radical scavengers can protect cells from free radical damage (Resveratrol)
  • Resolve stress

Of all of these supplements that available through healthcare practitioners, each best addresses a specific kind of cancer, and as shown above, each address a certain process in the fight against cancer.

It is nearly impossible for us to specifically explain all of the reasons and benefits of each nutritional supplement mentioned here. But as you read our website, you will find many of these supplements discussed at greater length.


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