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Dr. Garber's formulas came out of a desire in his private practice to address certain patient concerns quickly and effectively, often well before he prescribed a constitutional remedy. As a homeopathist, it is important to Dr. Garber that patients not take anything that might disturb the action of the constitutionally remedy he had prescribed for them. The homeopathic biotherapies have been proven over the years to not interfere with constitutional prescribing and, in fact, work synergistically with them by eliminating many so-called "obstacles to cure."

By combining the cellular detoxification action of lithotherapy with the systemic drainage offered by gemmotherapy and the organ regulatory effect of organotherapy, Dr. Garber has been able to target specific conditions in a unique and previously unattainable way. Dr. Garber's Natural Solutions® may be mixed and matched to meet your and your family's individual needs. They are safe and effective, easy to use, great tasting and have no known side effects.

ANX Anxiety by Dr.Garbers 2 oz
ANX (Anxiety) by Dr.Garbers 2 oz

Price $28.95
Sku anx

Dr. Grabers Hyperthyroid Formula
Dr. Grabers Hyperthyroid Formula

Price $28.98
Sku DR0014

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