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HepZone developed a new application form of SST – the development was conducted together with physicians and patients. The product is now available in veggie capsules – making it easy for people to fit SST into their liver health routine.

Currently, SST is under clinical phase II trials at leading US medical institutions in New York and San Diego for patients with disorders of liver function*. No adverse events have been attributed to SST among all participants who enrolled in the trial.

HepZone™ SST (Sho-Saiko-To), an herbal product based upon Asian traditional medicine.

SST is based on the traditional Japanese medicine called “Kampo”, a concept described in the classical medical literature dating back to the Han Dynasty during 200 A.D. in ancient China. Today, this traditional medicine system is obtaining more and more scientific recognition. In Japan, fully 75% of physicians use at least some of the traditional Kampo formulas in their daily practice.

  SST, manufactured by HepCare,Inc. in Phoenix Arizona is tested and certified by Honso in Japan to ensure the same specifications and highest quality standard.

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