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Melissa Supreme A/F 4oz by Gaia Herbs


Melissa Supreme A/F 4oz by Gaia Herbs is an herbal formulation to help balance and heal the nervous system and brain, calm hyperactivity, and relieve anxiety and attention deficit disorders in children without causing lethargy.


Fresh Lemon Balm (melissa off), Fresh German Chamomile Flowers (matricarla recutita), Fresh Passionflowers (passiflora incarnata), Fresh Skullcap (scutellaria lateriflora), Fresh Wild Oat Concentrate (avena sativa), Fresh Gotu Kola Concentrated Glycerite (centella asiatica), Mineral Salts Extracted from Kelp, Pure Vegetable Glycerine

Contains - Vegetable Glycerine: 50-60%

Does Not Contain - Alcohol.

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