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Migraine Relief

Quality Migraine Supplements

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Migraine Supplements can be an effective natural remedy for migraine headaches. Natural migraine medicine addresses the mechanisms of brain chemistry and brain vasculature to reduce the frequency, intensity and duration of migraines.

Herbal Remedies increase vessel tone and stabilization of nerve cells, inhibits the release of inflammatory compounds that affect blood vessels. Reduces inflammatory, histamine and serotonin induced vasospasm.

  • Throbbing, pounding, or pulsating pain
  • Often begins on one side of your head and may spread to both or stay localized
  • Can last from 4 to 72 hours
  • Most intense pain is often concentrated around the temple(s) (side of the forehead)

These symptoms may occur at the same time or before the headache:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Visual disturbances, like seeing flashing lights or zigzag lines, temporary blind spots (for example, loss of your peripheral vision), or blurred vision
  • Parts of your body may feel numb, weak, or tingly
  • Light, noise, and movement – especially bending over worsen headache; you want to lie down in a dark, quiet room
  • Dizziness, lightheadedness or even vertigo (feeling like the room is spinning)
  • Irritability

Migraine headaches without aura, have the following characteristics:


Butterbur Extra 120c by Vitanica
Price: $46.71
SKU: VT0061

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Essential Basics 180c by Douglas Laboratories
Price: $34.40
SKU: DL0738

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L-Lysine 500mg 90c by Progressive Labs
Price: $14.00
SKU: PL0150

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MigraEze 60caps by Progena
Price: $21.50
SKU: PG0138

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MigraMAXX by Karuna 90 Caps
Price: $39.30
SKU: tid-KAR09139

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Migranol 90 vcaps by Designs for Health
Price: $26.40
SKU: DF0187

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