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Priority Zyme 45t by Priority One


Priority Zyme 45t by Priority One is super strength formula that contains mega amounts of proteolytic enzymes. This may be helpful for inflammation, reducing tumors: for years studies have shown that proteolytic enzymes, such as those found in Priority Zyme, shrink blood vessels supplying growing tumors, thus reducing or starving the tumor into remission, and digestive disturbances. BENEFITS: The powerful enzymes in Priority Zyme accelerate healing and reduce inflammation and swelling. It is useful into he treatment of athletic and/ or muscle injuries, bruising, and soft tissue damage. It is also wonderful at providing natural relief for muscle pain.


1 tablet contains:
Zinc (Gluconate) 4 mg.,
Papain 360 mg.,
Bromelain 325 mg.,
Rutin 65 mg.,
Trypsin 38 mg.,
Amylase 50 mg.,
Lipase 50 mg.,
Lysozyme 10 mg.,
Cellulase 2 mg.,
Alpha-Chymo Trypsin 5 mg.,
Pancreatin (from 8-X) 225 mg.
Other Ingredients: Di-Calcium Phosphate, Ride Powder, Pharmaceutical Glaze.

Adults take one (1) tablet three times daily, or as directed. For chronic or acute cases of injury or disease, dosages can be increased to three (3) tablets on the hour up to three (3) times daily.

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