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Lab Tests

Safe, Convenient, and Affordable Lab Testing: Get Your Lab Results Quickly!

Laboratory testing will help you find out more information about any underlying issues or problems that may be causing you symptoms that inhibit weight loss or prevent you from living a healthy, active lifestyle. We offer doctor approved lab testing that will uncover the cause of your symptoms so that you can treat them holistically with natural remedies. Instead of covering up your symptoms with medication, our focus is on providing remedies that will help your body heal so that you can eliminate those symptoms from your daily life.

Why is Laboratory Testing Important to Treating Health Conditions?

Laboratory testing will help you determine any contributing factors that may be affecting your mental and physical health. Your digestive system can affect and be affected by neurotransmitter function, adrenal function, parasites, and more. If you are experiencing troubling symptoms, we recommend that you undergo laboratory testing to properly identify any problems that may be inhibiting you from living life to the fullest. If you have been having trouble with weight loss, we can give you the tools and resources that you need, and we also offer several health remedies to help you maintain good overall health.

About Health Remedies At-Home Laboratory Testing

Health Remedies offers at home laboratory testing so that you can immediately begin taking control of your health. You can choose the test that you feel is best for you, or we can help you choose the right test based on your symptoms. We offer lab tests from companies such as Metametrix,  Genova, Diagnostechs, LabCorp, ZRT, Doctors Data, and more. These tests do not require a doctor’s order. Instead, you can simply take the laboratory test in the comfort of your own home at your convenience, and you will receive your results as soon as your tests are evaluated by a laboratory professional.

How to Take an At-Home Laboratory Test

Our laboratory testing will analyze your saliva, urine, or blood, and you can collect these specimens and mail them to the lab. Blood test strips require that you make a trip to your local laboratory office, but saliva and urine samples can be mailed from your home or office. Phone consultations with a nurse practitioner are also available for most tests to review your results.

At Health Remedies, our mission is to help you achieve the optimal body weight through a number of methods. With a nurse practitioner available to discuss all of your options with you, you will receive the necessary support to help you make the best decision for your body.

When you are ready to order your laboratory testing, contact us to discuss the appropriate tests or to choose your test from the list of options to begin the testing process.

Lab kits can not be refunded or exchanged. Lab kits do have expiration dates. We recommend using the kits within 6 months of purchase.

Lab prices may changed or be discontinued without prior notice.

Have Insurance?

Insurance may cover your testing. In order to submit your lab test for insurance coverage you must have a in office or phone consultation with one of our practitioners so they can determine your diagnosis and other information required for the lab to submit to your insurance company.

HMO’s and Medicaid are not accepted. Call 800 385-7863 for more information.

Most Popular Lab Tests

  • red yeast rice 30 caps by xymogen

    Red Yeast Rice 30 caps by Xymogen

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  • Gastrointestinal Health Panel By Diagnos Techs

    Expanded Gastrointestinal Health Panel by Diagnos-Techs

    Select options
  • Kryptopyrrole Pyroluria Urine Test

    Kryptopyrrole Pyroluria Urine Test

    Select options
  • Immuno 1 Bloodprint Food Sensitivity Test 115

    Immuno 1 Bloodprint Food Sensitivity Test 115

    Select options
  • DUTCH Comprehensive Adrenal Analysis urine

    DUTCH Comprehensive Adrenal Analysis urine

    Select options
  • C Reactive Protein Blood Spot Test ZRT

    C Reactive Protein Blood Spot Test ZRT

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  • Aller Food Allergy Test 96 Food Panel

    Aller Food Allergy Test 96 Food Panel

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  • ZRT 15 Panel Neurotransmitters NeuroAdvanced Profile Dried Urine Kit

    ZRT 15 Panel Neurotransmitters NeuroAdvanced Profile Dried Urine Kit

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  • Candida Antibodies Test Finger Stick

    Candida Antibodies Test Finger Stick

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  • HPA NeuroAdrenal NeuroTransmitter Profile

    HPA NeuroAdrenal NeuroTransmitter Profile

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  • Vitamin D

    Vitamin D, 25-OH

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  • Cyrex Array 3 – Wheat Gluten  Autoimmunity Reactivity Profile

    Cyrex Array 3X – Wheat/Gluten Proteome Reactivity & Autoimmunity

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