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Weight Management

Personalized Weight Loss at Health Remedies

You are doing all the right things. You exercise, eat right, and get plenty of sleep (well, try to at least). You’ve tried countless supplements and followed more than a few fads. Yet you still cannot achieve and maintain your ideal weight.


There are many factors that can affect your weight. Hormones, neurotransmitter imbalance, genetics, and toxicity are just a few of the variables that can cause weight gain and prevent weight loss.  Now you can finally get some answers! At a minimum, we recommend baseline testing of the thyroid, adrenal (cortisol/DHEA) and reproductive (estrogens/progesterone/testosterone) hormones and neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, glutamate, GABA, etc.).  Advances in genetic science now permit the identification of specific gene mutations that allow us to personalize diet and exercise programs specific to your unique biochemistry and genetic endowment.

Weight management has become so complicated and intricate that no single lab test or even a lab company has put together a single comprehensive test that covers all bases.  That is why we recommend a laboratory assessment of basics:

Have you been searching for the most effective weight loss program to help you naturally reduce your waistline quickly and effectively? Let us help.



With so many diets, choosing the right one for you can be perplexing. When you compare diet plans like Jenny CraigWeight Watchers and the Health Remedies Personalized Weight Loss Program powered by GenoVive, you begin to gain a clearer understanding of which program suits you best – not only for the short term but also for the long haul.

For decades the weight loss industry has duped you into a cycle of eating less and exercising more. You lose weight but quickly and predictably gain it, and often times more, back. You chastise yourself, switch to another diet du jour, and redouble your efforts. And so on and so forth. Quite simply, most diets fail because they cannot be sustained. Furthermore, most weight loss programs apply the same system to all individuals. Such one-size-fits-all approaches end up fitting few. For that reason, it is crucial to find a program tailored specifically to you and that you can stick with while still enjoying life.


The three plans share a similar philosophy but use very different approaches.

Our approach is different in that we tailor the HRPAWLP based on your unique genetic profile. This information is obtained by a simple cheek swab. GenoVive’s certified laboratory professionals interpret the results from the DNA test and send the results back to us.

Both Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers help dieters lose weight by reducing calories. For example, Jenny Craig dieters are given prepackaged foods and, as a result, do not have to count the calories they consume. With Weight Watchers, on the other hand, dieters are assigned a daily allotment of points based on their weight. They use these points to determine the proper amount of food Each food is also assigned a points value based on the calories, fats, and fiber content.

The HRPWALP is based on eating the foods your body wants as opposed to counting calories or points that could be applied to either junk food or healthier items. Recognizing the importance of exercise, through their DNA test, we also analyzes which exercises are best for your body. This personalized approach sets us apart.

Weight Management Products

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  • Advanced Anti Adipocyte Formula 60vcaps By Life Extension

    Advanced Anti-Adipocyte Formula 60vcaps by Life Extension

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  • Advanced Appetite Suppress 60vcaps By Life Extension

    Advanced Appetite Suppress 60vcaps by Life Extension

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  • Find Why DNA Testing for Weight Control.

    Find Why DNA Testing for Weight Control.

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  • Integra Lean 150 Mg 60vcaps By Life Extension

    Integra-Lean 150 mg 60vcaps by Life Extension

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  • M.c.t. Liquid 8oz By Douglas Labs

    M.C.T. Liquid 8oz by Douglas Labs

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  • Naturalean With 7 Keto 30c By Enzymatic Therapy

    Naturalean with 7-Keto 30c by Enzymatic Therapy

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  • Nature's Diet Capsules 90caps By Douglas Labs

    Nature’s Diet Capsules 90caps by Douglas Labs

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  • Nature’s Diet Capsules + Herbs 90c By Douglas Labs

    Nature’s Diet Capsules + Herbs 90c by Douglas Labs

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  • Optimized Saffron With Satiereal 60vcaps By Life Extension

    Optimized Saffron w/ Satiereal 60vcaps by Life Extension

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  • Super Cla Blend 120 Softgels By Life Extension

    Super CLA Blend 120 softgels by Life Extension

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  • Total Weight Off 90vcaps By Professional Botanicals

    Total Weight Off 90vcaps by Professional Botanicals

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  • Tri Metabolic Control 120vcaps By Douglas Labs

    Tri-Metabolic Control 120vcaps by Douglas Labs

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  • Waist Line Control 120vcaps By Life Extension

    Waist-Line Control 120vcaps by Life Extension

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  • Whey Satisfied Natural Vanilla Spice Flavor 510g by Douglas Laboratories

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