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Sedona Labs®

Sedona Labs® products are independently  tested for quality assurance and are shelf stable, dairy-free, multi-strain formulas. iFlora® Multi-Probiotic® Formula is the premium blend of 16 different probiotic strains and 16 billion natural cultures (cells) per serving.**  Sedona Labs® digestive enzymes are natural, vegetarian formulas, made with only the highest quality ingredients for maximum effectiveness. NextZyme Dual Digestive Enzymes contain pH-stable, enteric coated enzymes that help break down food in both the stomach and in the small intestine for dual-action digestion and absorption of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.*

Many probiotic strains are needed to support good health.  Every day, the good, natural flora in your body is killed off by stress, junk food, medications, chlorinated water, and a toxic environment. iFlora® Multi-Probiotic® Formula contains 16 strains that supplement natural flora colonies to promote digestive and immune health.*

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