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Bio-Thyro 60 caps by BioGenesis

BioThyro Thyroid Balancing Formula by BioGenesis uses 'state of the art' nutrients designed to support optimal thyroid,function, and efficient peripheral T4 (thyroxin) to T3 (triiodothyronine),conversion. In other words, BioThyro just helps thyroid function at it's best and improves the body's utilization of thyroid hormones.

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Essential nutrients for proper thyroid function. Supports a healthy menstrual cycle.
Low body temperature (oral or,axillary)
low basal metabolism
Cold extremities,
Dry skin
Menstrual irregularities,
BioThyro™ capsules can nutritionally assist your patients in normalizing their,metabolism. In addition to checking their thyroid hormone levels with a blood test,,you may have also have them take their axillary (arm pit) temperatures (normal 97.8,– 98.2 degrees Fahrenheit) in the morning when they awaken (but before they get out,of bed) for 10 days or their oral temperatures three times per day for three days (normal,98.3 – 98.9 degrees Fahrenheit). Either way, as you know, these temperatures are,important in determining whether their metabolism is within a normal range.
Many,practitioners find that today's thyroid blood testing is not accurate enough to pick up all,cases of hypothyroidism (low thyroid).Because of this, another category of,hypothyroid patient called a sub clinical hypothyroid patient has been described.,These patients have normal blood test results but have low metabolic rates as evidenced,by there below normal temperatures. They also have classic hypothyroid symptoms, but,typically are not diagnosed due to their 'normal blood test results'.
Nutritional,intervention is what BioThyro™ is all about.,BioThyro™
Amounts per,serving,Serving size 1 capsule,
Number of servings per,container,60,
Thyroid (Thyroxin free) 150 mg.,
N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine 100 mg.,Iodine (Fucus vesiculus) 75 mcg.,
Biopterin 25 mcg.,
Anterior Pituitary 20 mg.,
Hypothalamus 20 mg.,
Selenium,(Selenomethionine),15 mcg.,
Zinc (glycinate) 8 mg.,
Manganese (aspartate) 5 mg.,
Copper (glycinate) 1 mg.,
Suggested Dose:
Take 1-2 capsules daily or as directed by your health care practitioner.



BioGenesis Nutraceutical products  are formulated from a combination of scientific research (evidence-based medicine), traditional use of natural substances, and the art of medicine (experience). This is why BioGenesis is one of the most rapidly growing nutraceutical companies in the nation.
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