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Exakta 120vcaps by D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition

Potent multivitamin packed with activated calcium, omega 3s, vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber and green tea antioxidants.

Exakta capsules were formulated by Dr. Peter D’Adamo, author of Eat Right 4 Your Type. These capsules contain over 30 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for those that need a precise daily nutrient supplement such as children, pregnant and nursing mothers and seniors.

Exakta capsules is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) quality assured and certified product as outlined by the Natural Products Association and is suitable for all blood types.

This dietary supplement contains a combination of bio-available vitamins and minerals including:

• Vitamin A from 100% micro-algae beta carotene
• Vitamin C from natural-source acerola berry
• Calcium from Maerl seaweed
• Omega 3 EPA/DHA Fish Oil Blend
• Green tea extract for antioxidant support*
• Arabinogalactan to help support the immune system and provide soluble fiber and prebiotics*
• Iron



Add-ons total:



Supplemental Facts:

Serving Size:2 Capsule
Servings Per Container:60
Amount Per Serving
Vitamin A (100% as Natural Beta Carotene from Dunaliella salina)312.5 IU
Vitamin C (from Acerola Berry)37.5 mg
Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol)37.5 IU
Thiamin (from Thiamin HCl)3.75 mg
Riboflavin5 mg
Niacin (as Niacin and Niacinamide)2.5 mg
Vitamin B6 (from Pyridoxine HCl)5 mg
Folic Acid400 mcg
Vitamin B12 (from Methylcobalamin)7.5 mcg
Biotin200 mcg
Pantothenic Acid (from D-Calcium Pantothenate)5 mg
Calcium(Seaweed Extract,150 mg
Derived from Lithothamnium corallioides and Lithothamnium calcareum)
Iron (from Ferrous Succinate)9 mg
Iodine (from Potassium Iodide)37.5 mcg
Magnesium (from Magnesium Citrate and Magnesium Oxide)50 mg
Zinc (from Zinc Picolinate)7.5 mg
Selenium (from L-Selenomethionine)5 mcg
Copper (from Copper Gluconate)0.5 mg
Manganese (from Manganese Citrate)0.5 mg
Chromium (from GTF Chromium Polynicotinate)12.5 mcg
Molybdenum (from Sodium Molybdate)7.5 mcg
Chloride (from Sodium Chloride)5 mg
Sodium (from Sodium Chloride)3 mg
Potassium (from Potassium Aspartate)49.5 mg
Proprietary Blend161 mg
Proprietary Blend contains:
Arabinogalactan (from Larix occidentalis Resin)
Berry Concentrate Blend [Contains 4:1 Fruit Extracts of
Elderberry (Sambucus canadensis)
Black Cherry (Prunus serotina)
Blueberry (Vaccinium spp.)
Citrus Bioflavonoids
Cranberry Fruit (from Vaccinium marcocarpon)
Green Tea Standardized Extract (from Camilla sinensis Leaf, standardized to 50% Polyphenol Content)
standardized to 50% Polyphenol Content)
Omega 3 Blend
from Fish Oil
contains EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid)
DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)
PABA (Para-Aminobenzoic Acid)
Other Ingredients:

Vegetable Cellulose, L-Leucine, Silica


D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition

Nutrition by blood type Right For Your Type formulas by Dr. Peter D'Adamo There is now a highly advanced system of supplementation that is ideally in-sync with your very individualized blood type needs. Each unique formula has been tailored to your blood type, and designed to deliver the highest quality ingredients at reasonable prices.
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Meet Dr. Dave

Dr. David Scheiderer MD, MBA, DFAPA, is the Chief Medical Officer and Director of Education at Integrative Psychiatry, Inc. in Sarasota, Florida and the President of Tiberius Enterprises, Inc. in Roanoke, Virginia. An accomplished clinician, educator, and lecturer, Dr. Dave has established himself as a key opinion leader in the fields of both mainstream psychiatry and functional medicine. Dissatisfied with the patient outcomes using only conventional treatments, he began treating his patients by addressing biological imbalances with lifestyle improvements, nutrition and nutraceuticals to get better outcomes. His integrative approach provided much improved results. Dr. Dave is passionate about helping the community he serves by personalizing treatments and educating the public about mental health and healthy aging. He has formulated several of our supplements and sat on the advisory board for many others, ensuring the products we carry are based on science and experience and have the best efficacy rates and highest ingredient quality available.

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