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Air Pollution(ProNova) 50ml by Progena

Air Pollution(ProNova) 50ml by Progena.

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Arnica montana 6x: Decreased oxygen in blood due to carbon monoxide.

Bovista 6x: Insufficient oxygen levels.

Calcarea carbonica 8x: Insufficient oxygen in blood.

Carbo vegetabilis 8x: Helps increase of oxygen in the blood.

Cicuta virosa 6x: Aversion to tobacco smoke.

Euphorbium officinarum 6x: Irritated mucous membranes.

Hydrastis canadensis 4x: Sinus congestion; blows nose all the time.

Petroleum 6x: Swelling of mucous membrane in sinus cavity.

Phosphorus 8x: Fainting fits from strong odors.

Plumbum metallicum 8x: Exposure to small lead particles in air.

Sulfur 30x: Stuffy nose.

20% USP Alcohol, a.a.

* Excerpts out of the materia medica.



Progena, therapeutic products, including, Anti-Oxidants, Blood Sugar, Circulatory System support, Botanicals Anti-Oxidants, Joint Support. Over twenty years of technical expertise in nutritional medicine has been integrated in the formulations of these therapeutic products.
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