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Allergena GTW (Zone 9) 1oz by Progena

Allergena GTW (Zone 9) 1oz by Progena

  • Trees, Weeds, Grasses – Economically combined in one bottle for all seasons.

  • The potency of each antigen is 6x, 12x, and 30x. In addition, drainage remedies (3x) and Echinacea (3x) are included.

  • Geographically zoned for the United States

  • Molds separately bottled

Finally, an allergy treatment alternative to injectable immunotherapy is now available. Each substance is a homeopathic combination formulated to desensitize the body‘s response to antigenic substances.

Desensitization with Allergen Specific Dilutions

Desensitization is accomplished by sublingual administration of homeopathic antigens. Not only is desensitization achieved but, in addition, there is the homeopathic principle of Like Cures Like-resulting in better control of symptoms.

Drainage of the Antigenic Residue

Hydrastis, Baptisia, Phytolacca, Nasturtium, Trigonella and Commiphora are drainage remedies (3x) added to enhance the homeopathic effect.



Add-ons total:





CHEAT GRASS (Bromus secalinus)
SWEET VERNAL GRASS (Anthoxanthum odoratum)
HUNGARIAN BROME (Bromus Inermis)
SMOOTH BROME (Bromus inermis)
MEADOW FESCUE (Festuca elatlor)
JUNE GRASS (Poa pratensis)
CULTIVATED OATS (Avena satlva)
ORCHARD GRASS (Dactylls glomerata)
SALT GRASS (Distichlis spicata)
SUDAN GRASS (Sorghum vulgar. var. sudanesis)
SORGHUM (Sorghum vulgar.)
PERENNIAL RYE GRASS (Lollum perenne)
BERMUDA GRASS (Cynodon dactylon)
CREEPING BENT (Agrostis palustris)
ALKALI RYE (Elymus triticoides )
TIMOTHY (Phleum pratense)
QUACK GRASS (Agropyron repens)
REDTOP (Agrostls alba)
VELVET GRASS (Holcus lanatus)
WESTERN WHEAT GRASS (Agropyron smlthll)
CORN (Zea mays)
JOHNSON GRASS (Sorghum halepense)
CULTIVATED WHEAT (Tritlcum aestlvum)
ITALIAN RYE GRASS (Lolium multiflorum)
ACACIA (Acacia spp.)
ARIZONA CYPRESS (Cupressus arlzonlca)
DATE (PhoenIx dactyllfera)
CHINESE ELM (Ulmus pumlla)
RED ALDER (Acacla)
WHITE ALDER (Alnus rhombifolia)
SYCAMORE (Platanus occidentalls)
WHITE POPLAR (Populus alba)
THINLEAF ALDER (Alnus tenulfolla)
BLACK WILLOW (SalIx nlgra)
ARIZONA ASH (Fraxlnus velutina)
OREGON ASH (Fraxinus oregona)
BOX ELDER (Acer negundo)
ARIZONA COTTONWOOD (Populus fremontii)
SWEETGUM (Liquidambar styraciflua)
PEPPERTREE (Schinus molle)
CALIFORNIA LIVE OAK (Quercus agrlfolla)
FREMONT POPLAR (Populus fremontii)
ROCKY MOUNTAIN JUNIPER (Junlperus scopulorum)
QUAKING ASPEN (Populus tremuloides)
BLACK COTTONWOOD (Populus trlchocarpa)
RED MULBERRY (Morus rubra)
OLIVE (Olsa europaea)
AUSTRIAN PINE (Plnus nlgra)
LOMBARDY POPLAR (Populus nlgra Italica)
WHITE FIR (Ables grandis)
LIGUSTRUM (Llgustrum spp.)
MESQUITE (Prosopls spp.)
PONDEROSA PINE (Plnus ponderosa)
PRIVET (Ligustrum spp.)
LODGEPOLE PINE (Plnus contorta)
TREE-OF-HEAVEN (Allanthus altissima)
SALT CEDAR (Tamarlx gallica)
UTAH JUNIPER (Junlperus osteosperma)
FALL BLOOMING ELM (Ulmus parvifolia)
BACCHARIS (Baccharis spp.)
GROUNDSEL TREE (Baccharis spp.)
WESTERN JUNIPER (Junlperus occidentalis)
ENGLISH WALNUT (Juglans regia)
GREASEWOOD (Sarcobatus vermiculatus)
WINOSCALE (Atriplex canescens)
WINTER FAT (Eurotla lanata)
LENSCALE (Atrlplex lentlformis)
CARELESSWEED (Amaranthus palmeri)
CARPET SAGE (Artemlsla frigida)
PASTURE SAGE (Artemisla frlglda)
DRAGON SAGE (Artemisia dracunculus)
GOLDENROD (Solidago spp.)
COAST SALTBUSH (Atrlplex brewerl)
JERUSALEM OAK (Chenopodlum botrys)
NETTLE (Urtlca spp.)
SHORT RAGWEED (Ambrosia artemisiifolia)
TUMBLEWEED (Salsola kall tenuifolia)
ALISCALE (Atriplex polycarpa)
SAGEBRUSH (Artemlsla trldentata)
FIREBUSH (Kochia scoparla)
KOCHIA (Kochla scoparla)
DESERT RAGWEED (Franserla dumosa)
CANYON RAGWEED (Franserla ambrosloldes)
SOUR DOCK (Rumex acetosella)
YELLOW DOCK (Rumex crispus)
MEXICAN FIREBUSH (Kochla scoparla)
ROUGH PIGWEED (Amaranthus retroflexus)
REDROOT PIOWEED (Amaranthus retroflexus)
IODINE BUSH (Allenrolfea occidentalis)
FALSE RAGWEED (Franserla acanthlcarpa)
PALMER’S AMARANTH (Amaranthus palmerll)
INDIAN HAIR TONIC (Artemisia dracunculus)
COCKLEBUR (Xanthium commune)
GREEN SAGE (Artemlsla dracunculus)
LAMB’S QUARTERS (Chenopodlum album)
MEXICAN TEA (Chenopodlum ambrosloldes)
GIANT RAGWEED (Ambrosia trlflda)
RUSSIAN THISTLE (Salsola kali tenuifolia)
SLENDER RAGWEED (Franserla tenulfolia)
WESTERN RAGWEED (Ambrosia coronopifolia)
BURNING BUSH (Kochla scoparla)
COAST SAGEBRUSH (Artemisla callfornica)
PRAIRIE SAGE (Artemisia gnaphalodes)
ENGLISH PLANTAIN (Plantago lanceolata)
SHADSCALE (Atrlplex confertlfolla)
POVERTYWEED (Iva axlllarls)
SHEEP SORREL (Rumex acetosella)



Progena, therapeutic products, including, Anti-Oxidants, Blood Sugar, Circulatory System support, Botanicals Anti-Oxidants, Joint Support. Over twenty years of technical expertise in nutritional medicine has been integrated in the formulations of these therapeutic products.
Progena 300x300

Meet Dr. Dave

Dr. David Scheiderer MD, MBA, DFAPA, is the Chief Medical Officer and Director of Education at Integrative Psychiatry, Inc. in Sarasota, Florida and the President of Tiberius Enterprises, Inc. in Roanoke, Virginia. An accomplished clinician, educator, and lecturer, Dr. Dave has established himself as a key opinion leader in the fields of both mainstream psychiatry and functional medicine. Dissatisfied with the patient outcomes using only conventional treatments, he began treating his patients by addressing biological imbalances with lifestyle improvements, nutrition and nutraceuticals to get better outcomes. His integrative approach provided much improved results. Dr. Dave is passionate about helping the community he serves by personalizing treatments and educating the public about mental health and healthy aging. He has formulated several of our supplements and sat on the advisory board for many others, ensuring the products we carry are based on science and experience and have the best efficacy rates and highest ingredient quality available.

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