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Herbal Arouse-M 90c by Progressive Labs

Herbal Arouse-M 90c by Progressive Labs is the male endocrine axis with herbs and other ingredients designed to enhance sexual drive (aphrodisiac).

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3 Capsule contain:
Zinc (as zinc amino acid chelate)…51mg
Selenium (as seleno-L-methionine)…201mcg
Manganese (as manganese ascorbate)…30mg
Maca P.E. 4:1 Concentrate…900mg
Ginkgo Leaf Extract Standardized 24% Ginkgoflavonglycosides and 6% Terpenes Lactones…180mg
Eleuthero Root Extract Standardized for 0.8% Eleutherosides…150mg
Ashwagandha Root Extract Standardized for 1.5% Withanolides…90mg
Forskolin Root Extract Standardized for 10% Forskolin…90mg
Tribulus Extract Standardized for 40% Saponins…75mg
Muria Pauma P.E. 4:1 Extract…75mg
Green Oat P.E. 4:1 Extract…75mg
DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone)…60mg
Tylophora Leaf Extract Standardized for 01.% Tylophorine…45mg
Bioperine standardized for 98% piperine…15mg
Porcine Orchic Substance…150mg

OTHER INGREDIENTS: gelatin, vegetable stearate


3 to 4 capsules daily until desired response is obtained then reduce dosage to desired stimulatory level.


Progressive Labs

Progressive Labs manufactures professional-grade nutraceuticals including: vitamins, herbals, and natural dietary supplements exclusively for health care professionals and their patients.Click to Read More
Progressive Laboratories is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and licensed by the Texas Department of Health. Subject to regular and rigorous inspections by regulatory agencies, we meet or exceed all federal and state regulations for GMP's (Good Manufacturing Practices), sanitation and Quality Assurance. A family owned and operated business since 1972; Progressive Laboratories has been providing the finest quality products available for targeted nutrition in therapeutic potencies

Meet Dr. Dave

Dr. David Scheiderer MD, MBA, DFAPA, is the Chief Medical Officer and Director of Education at Integrative Psychiatry, Inc. in Sarasota, Florida and the President of Tiberius Enterprises, Inc. in Roanoke, Virginia. An accomplished clinician, educator, and lecturer, Dr. Dave has established himself as a key opinion leader in the fields of both mainstream psychiatry and functional medicine. Dissatisfied with the patient outcomes using only conventional treatments, he began treating his patients by addressing biological imbalances with lifestyle improvements, nutrition and nutraceuticals to get better outcomes. His integrative approach provided much improved results. Dr. Dave is passionate about helping the community he serves by personalizing treatments and educating the public about mental health and healthy aging. He has formulated several of our supplements and sat on the advisory board for many others, ensuring the products we carry are based on science and experience and have the best efficacy rates and highest ingredient quality available.

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