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In the 1970s Swedish dentist Sune Wikner by chance discovered that a patient eating a diet rich in a certain marine algae had substantially managed to reduce the formation of tartar and plaque. However, due to different circumstances, it was not until twenty years later that the link between dental health and seaweed was further explored. In 1999 Sune Wikner and his colleague Roland Fastberg came across a dog in Kiruna whose dental health had been positively affected by a pet food which contained the very same marine algae.

As a result of these unique findings, Sune Wikner and Roland Fastberg created the company SweDenCare AB (SDC) which together with dentists in Kiruna, Stockholm and Malmö carried out a number of studies that showed that the marine algae had a revolutionary effect on the bacteria in the mouth that is behind bad breath, plaque, tartar and bleeding gums in both humans and animals.

In 2001 patents were applied for in 34 countries around the world and these patents also included the preventative treatment of a number of illnesses in different parts of the body that are caused by the spread of oral bacteria. Patents have now been granted in all but 4 countries where approval is expected during 2009.

Today SweDenCare ProDen PlaqueOff is sold in over 30 countries with a rapid increase in sales on many markets. In 2007 SweDenCare was ranked the 25th fastest growing company in Sweden.


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