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Sweetish Bitters Elixir 4oz by Gaia Herbs


Sweetish Bitters Elixir 4oz by Gaia Herbs supports Digestion to Promote Healthy Assimilation of Foods. Promotes Freedom from Bloated Feelings After Meals. Provides Enzyme Catalyst Important for the Breakdown of Food-Nutrients.

Serving Size: 60 Drops

Amount Per Serving:
Proprietary Blend
Extracts From: Turmeric rhizome*,
(curcuma longa), Milk Thistle seed*
(silybum mananum), wild yam root+,
(dioscorea vilosa), Fennel seed*
(foeniculum vulgare), blend of sea
vegetation+, Dandelion root* (Taraxacum
officinale), gentian root* (gentiana luten)
Cardamon seed* (elettaria cardamomum)
ginger rhizome* (zingiber officinale), indian
gooseberry+ (emblica officinalis),
anise seed essence+ (pimpinella anisum),
bitter orange essence+ (citrus spp)
water and 50-60% pure grain alcohol USP

+ Ecologically Harvested
* Certified Organic Ingredient

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